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The First Loaf

Turned out really well, tastes great and made some excellent sandwiches! Fruit loaf next 😋

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Bread Maker Update

I wrote about our old bread maker a while ago, and it seems that it had made its last loaves. I tried to make a couple more in it, and they came out rather brick like. It seems the belt or … Continue reading

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I think I’ve killed our breadmaker. There’s nothing quite like a loaf of homemade fresh bread. I know a bread making machine is still cheating somewhat to say that all our bread is home made, but it still tastes better … Continue reading

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2016 In Pictures

A short slideshow looking back over last year. ​​

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Christmas Red Cabbage

I love red cabbage at any time of the year, but it’s even better when you enhance it’s flavour. I found this recipe on YouTube, and I think I’ll be giving it ago for this Christmas.

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Making A Quick Potato Salad

Here’s a quick video for making potato salad. Details below. Makes enough for four people. You’ll Need: 6 to 8 small / medium sized potatoes Fresh Chives or mint 2 small / medium red onions Mayonnaise Salt & Pepper Lemon … Continue reading

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Making Summer Vegetable Tart

This is an easy and quick way to use up gluts of some vegetables, and you can swap out ingredients for whatever you happen to have. For this version you’ll need: Sheet of ready made puff-pastry (or hand make a sheet) … Continue reading

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