I regularly give talks on allotment life and related topics. These are mostly to gardening clubs, horticultural societies and occasionally at garden shows and events, but I have been known to give talks to other groups too.

I have a selection of different topics which I talk on (see below), and tailor each one depending on the group. I charge for my talks (starting at £30 + expenses) and am happy to give you a quote or discuss your requirements.

Have a look below, and if you’re interested please contact me.

An Allotment Year – covers an overview of the vegetable growing of an allotment over the course of a year, looking at the different seasons, what’s happening when, sprinkled with anecdotes and stories from my experiences. I’ve previously tailored this to cover companion planting, pests and diseases, different growing methods (raised beds, back to Eden gardening), but there are other options.

Plot to Plate – is a bit of a mix of growing and cooking focused around vegetables (veg plot to dinner plate). I can bias it to growing or cooking whichever you’d prefer.

I cover growing different veg to complement one another in cookery, what to do with gluts of veg, what to grow in small plots or containers that can be used in recipes, seasonality and seasonal recipes. I also talk a little about seasonal foods and celebrations e.g. harvest festival, Michaelmas and I can also provide samples for people to try

The Natural History of the Allotment – this looks in more detail about other things around and on the allotment. Some of those things that cause us problems (and what to do about them) as well those other plants and animals that we might encounter on our plots. This has evolved in recent delivery to include what we can do about some of the environmental crisis e.g. neonicotinoid chemicals, plastics, climate change etc.

Grow What You Love to Eat – is similar to plot to plate (see above) but is very much more biased towards cookery. Generally done with some live cookery, so doesn’t suit all venues.