Useful Links

This page contains links to some of the books, products, websites and other things that I find useful. I share them in the hope that you may too. I will update occasionally as I find new items I think might be of interest. I only list things that I personally use or have used. I won’t list anything that I didn’t find to be a good product, website, etc.

(Please note that I belong to the Amazon affiliates programme and some of the links are Amazon affiliate links. Should you buy that product after clicking on an affiliate link I receive a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra. Any income I receive from affiliate links defrays the costs of maintaining this blog).


The Complete Gardener by Monty Don. If you only buy one gardening book it should probably be this one.

The Allotment Book by Andi Clevely. A really good basic guide to allotments and veg growing.

The Peregrine by J A Baker. In my opinion one of the finest natural history books ever written. Essentially the authors diary as he explores the Essex coast and countryside recording the behaviour of the peregrine falcon. This edition also contains Baker’s two other published works The Hill of Summer and Diaries.

My House of Sky: A Life of J A Baker by Hetty Saunders. The biography of J A Baker, which is also a work of art.

Allotment Stuff

Wheelbarrow Water Carrier. Really useful for moving larger quantities of water about on an allotment or in a garden without needing a long hose.

Plant Clips. Probably second only to a ball of string, these are so useful for securing plants, netting and other things around the allotment, and are reusable. I use this type more than any other on my plot.

“Never Bend” Hand Tool Set by Spear & Jackson. I was given this tool set as a Christmas present having had many hand trowels and forks that have never lasted more than a season or two. These are standing up well so far and would definitely recommend.

Draper Bypass Secateurs. You can pay an awful lot of money for good secateurs, but these are incredible value for money. I’ve had a pair on my allotment now for more than five years, and they are still going strong.


Canon Gx7 Mark II. I often get asked what camera I use to make my allotment videos. Most of them are made with this Canon compact, which I think stands head and shoulders above the rest in the same price band. It has a flip-up viewing screen for taking selfie videos and many other features including time lapse mode. It’s primarily a stills camera, but the video features are superb.

Dog Stuff

Doggy Car Belts. These need to be used in conjunction with a harness or other form of restraint (but not a collar). They simply attach to your dogs harness and then clip into your existing seat belt mount without needing to modify the existing system. The length is adjustable.

Rogz Harnesses and Collars. We use this make, almost exclusively at the moment for our dogs. They’re well made and long lasting. Make sure you choose the correct size for your dog.


Blightwatch. If you grow potatoes you can use the blightwatch website to set-up alerts for periods when blight may be more prevalent in you area.

Seeds and Plants

There are numerous seed and plant companies out there, probably too many to list here. I’ve had good success with buying the cheapest seeds from high street shops and supermarkets as well as more expensive ones form other suppliers. I also like to use local suppliers and growers such as my local independent nursery (which only opens seasonally when they have stock).

Go with what works best for you and your budget. If you really have no idea where to start try the following, but explore your local area and see what is available to you:

Online: Real Seeds or Marshalls Seeds

High Street: Wilkinsons