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IT (2017) Brief Review

(Warning: Spoilers Might Follow) I had the opportunity to watch the recent version of IT at the weekend. I’ve been wanting to watch it for a while and had only heard good things about the film. IT is one of … Continue reading

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The Magnificent Seven

There’s a Hollywood habit of rebooting classic movies, and The Magnificent Seven is no different (twice if you count Seven Samauri). I’ve wanted to watch this for a while and had a chance yesterday. It’s not a bad remake. It … Continue reading

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Some Movies I’d Like To See

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the car this past week. I’ve had the radio on during my travels and have caught a couple of interviews about a couple of different films. They’ve also been playing a lot … Continue reading

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Rogue One

I wrote last month about wanting to go and see the new Star Wars film, Rogue One. Yesterday afternoon, I walked up to my local cinema and watched it. I don’t want to say anything about the plot, in case … Continue reading

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A Couple of Films I’m Looking Forward To In 2017

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2014 Review and a Look Ahead

I don’t tend to do review of the year posts each year, sometimes I’ll take a theme and just cover that, other times I won’t bother at all. The latter is more often the norm. 2014 however has been a … Continue reading

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My Twenty Minute Rule & My Fifty Page Rule

How often do you start reading a book or watching a movie and you just can’t get into the story / plot. This has happened to me more times than I can remember, and over the years I’ve developed a … Continue reading

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