The Week That Was # 2 (Experiments With Sourdough)

I’ve been wanting to do some sourdough baking for a while now. I already bake quite a bit of our own bread (mostly in a breadmaker), and regularly make pizza bases, rolls and other things and I wanted to give sourdough a try too.

I got a starter (you can make your own but I opted for the slightly easier option) from the Wild Baker and it arrived earlier in the week. I feed it (with flour and water) a couple of times and then it was ready to go.

There are a couple of quite long pauses for rising etc. in the sourdough process and I think next time, I’ll shift things around a bit so that these happen overnight rather than try and squeeze things all into a day-and-a-half.

That said the resulting loaf was fantastic (see above). Great tasting and a definite success. It’s always good when cookery of any kind goes well, but this was especially pleasing.

It’s been a pretty chilly week, with temperatures dropping below 0°C on most nights. This had meant that my home office has been a little inhospitable some mornings and so I’ve moved to our lounge to work.

I’ve been assisted by the dogs to keep me company (and warm), although I must admit they have been a little more distracting than normal. I assume that this is as much the change of routine for them as it is for me.

I’ve been asked by a potential client for a proposal for a piece of work, so I suspect that most of the coming week will be taken up in pulling that together. They have ambitious plans so it’s good that potentially I’ll be a part of that work.

I’m between books at the moment, but a quick visit into town to post a parcel took me past the secondhand bookshop.

I always try and leave more books with them than I take away, and this time I succeeded, although I have to admit to be quite pleased with the ones I found.

3 thoughts on “The Week That Was # 2 (Experiments With Sourdough)

  1. DavidB

    Sounds like the new year is off to a good start for you, Alan! The bread looks fantastic and I really hope the new client provides you with a lot of consulting work. Yesterday, we had a bit of a wind storm (90km/h plus winds) and a cold front moved into the area. Tonight the wind is supposed to be 40km with gusts of 60km. So, with those winds and the -15C temperatures, the windchill (that is what the air feels like on your skin) is forecast to be -39C. That’s what we call a “three dog night”! LOL!

    1. We’re going to get a few more days of below zero temps and have a snow warning for the next couple of days (not that it’s an indicator that we’ll actually get any). D
      You’d probably find our weather positively tropical.

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