Quick Links 10th September 2017

Life In General. – I’ve had a touch of man-flu the second-half of the week, so haven’t been feeling like doing much at all, although life hasn’t given me an opportunity to slow down that much. When I get sick I always seem to have quite vivid dreams, and that has certainly been true this time – some really odd dreams – a part mixture of reality and complete oddness.

We’ve also managed to break a few things this week – they say these things come in threes, and I hope these are my three – the toilet flush handle (now replaced), the garage door cables (spares ordered), and my allotment club hammer:

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Work  I had a late-afternoon / evening event on Monday. Showcasing my work and trying to drum-up some more business. It was a good event and I’ve been following up on a few things since. It feels like it was worthwhile, and hopefully it will draw in some new work.

Also heard that the proposal I submitted a couple of weeks ago won’t be going forward, which is a shame. It means I’ll have a little more time on my hands between now and Christmas if nothing else comes up.

Allotment. – I’ve done a little bit of research on my apple tree here’s a sample of what I found out:

named after its parents the Cox and the Bramley and combining the best of both of them. The Cobra is a terrific early cooker – ready in early September and then, left on the tree, makes the most delicious dessert apple to pick from mid October onwards

What I haven’t been able to find out is how well the fruit are supposed to keep, although I do know that both the “parents” generally keep well, so that’s a good sign.

Currently Reading – I started and finished reading “Swimming with Seals” by Victoria Whitworth [LINK] this week.

The Week In Wildlife – In Pictures

Dave Goulson – Meeting the wildlife in my French Meadow Part I

and Part II

A River Raft Adventure – This reminded me a little of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, mostly because of the raft, but a nice adventure none the less.

It led me to watch a few other videos from the same YouTube channel including the one below, inspired by Roger Deakin

I’m quite enjoying other videos on this channel too, so worth checking out I think.