Quick Links 3rd September 2017

Life In General. – A Bank Holiday week, and the end of another month! I’ve been doing quite a bit more baking this week with an aim to trying to use up some our apple crop. Both Dorset Apple Cake and Apple & Walnut muffins have been made and consumed, and barely has the Apple crop been reduced.

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In other news there has been a lot of family stuff going on, that I’m not going to be talking about here. In fact I may well take a break from writing on the blog completely for a while. Haven’t decided yet, but if I do decide to take a break, I’ll post something here.

Work  A few bits and pieces this week in preparation for what will be a slightly busier week next week, but nothing significant happening.

Allotment. – The seasons are shifting slowly in the background, and I already seem to be preparing for the autumn and winter. I’m preparing the ground for over-wintering crops such as broad beans and onions, whilst still harvesting summer crops like courgette and cucumber.

Currently Reading – I started reading Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang [GoodReads], although I got there after watching Arrival [LINK], which is based upon the title story of the book. The film was a bit of a surprise for me and I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. It takes on a wider scope than the story but it is pretty faithful to the original work. The book is good too, a collection of short stories, all very well imagined and written.

I’ve also made a resolution with myself to not buy any new books this month. I’ve a huge backlog of things to read, and don’t need to add to it. So other than freebies, or possibly secondhand bargains if I go into the secondhand bookshop I’m trying not to add to my “to be read” pile. I’ll be adding them to a wishlist instead, so that I don’t forget them completely.

The Week In Wildlife – In Pictures

Terry Pratchett’s unfinished novels destroyed by steamroller – Something quite poetic about this [LINK]

The Story of How Big Businesses Are Proffiting From Vulnerable Adults – [LINK] Sadly this story doesn’t surprise me, and looking further it appears not to be all that uncommon.

Hay Festival – Neil Gaiman, Stephen Fry, Chris Riddell & Amanda Palmer

2 thoughts on “Quick Links 3rd September 2017

  1. Looking forward to whenever you return. I don’t always leave comments but usually pass by when I’ve seen you posted. Btw food looks tasty and thanks for the Neil Gaiman video. Long time fan.

    1. Thanks David, I haven’t decided definitely what I’m going to do yet. At the moment there will probably be a post on Sunday. I appreciate you reading, thank you.

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