Quick Links 17th September 2017

Life In General. – A busy week this week, several appointments with my Mum, including a follow up with the physiotherapists at the hospital, all is going well with her knee.

The parts for the garage door arrived, and I managed to get it repaired – I may need to add a little more tension into the spring – and it was quite straight forward. I’ve also got a new handle for my broken hammer, but haven’t had a chance to fit that.

The mornings have been cold and misty, and I’ve even starting wearing a woolly hat in the mornings when walking the dog, autumn definitely seems to be approaching.

Work  A bit of follow-up from the showcase event last week but otherwise it’s been a quiet week.

Allotment. – I think we’ve had some pretty cold nights this week, and it looks like some of the plants on the allotment are coming to the end of their season. We’ve also had a lot of rain, so it’s making the plot difficult to get on without compacting the soil. It’ll be a while before I need to sow over-wintering crops, so no great urgency, but I will need to do some digging before that can happen. I’ll be planting onion sets, garlic and broad beans in the next few weeks.

Currently Reading – After starting “A Year with Thomas Merton – Daily Meditations from his Journals” [GoodReads] over a year ago, I finished it this week. I’ve been reading each days entry on the same day over the past year, so I start reading last September. I’ve been reading on my kindle and have lots of highlighted passages and notes, which I’m going to look back through.

I’ve also started reading “Moods of Future Joys” by Alastair Humpreys [GoodReads], the first part of his epic cycling adventure around the world.

The Week In Wildlife – In Pictures

Dave Goulson – Creatures of the (French) Riverbank