Some Thoughts On Instagram Live

I did my first Instagram Live post yesterday. It was of course from the allotment.

Two of my followers saw that I was lived and watched part of the broadcast.

I’ve got a couple of observations. First it takes a while for your followers to get and respond to the notification that you’re Live, so probably best to start the broadcast and then at least wait until someone shows up. Otherwise you are talking to yourself.

Secondly there is no record of your broadcast, when you finish it, the video’s gone. Which means no one can “catch up” if they arrive late, unlike Periscope.

I’ll probably use it again, but they’ll be of the moment broadcasts, rather than anything I want to keep.

2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts On Instagram Live

  1. Hey, congratulations, Alan, at getting the live stream to work! I didn’t even know you could do that on Instagram. The problem we have with live streams of any kind is bandwidth. We really have to watch how much we use in a month, as our Internet access is through our cell phone.

    We don’t even watch YouTube videos streamed from the YouTube channel. We download ultra low resolution versions of the videos we want to watch, to save on our bandwidth as much as possible. It can be a bit of a pain sometimes, but that’s just the way it is, living where we’ve chose to live.

    Good luck with future broadcasts! I wish you much success.

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