Need Another(!) Pair of Wellingtons


Earlier this week we went for an afternoon walk to Portchester Castle, which isn’t very far from us, and I’ve mentioned it here before I think.

One of the reasons we like walking here, is because it’s on the edge of Portsmouth Harbour, and the dogs can play in the water if they choose to.

This occasion was now exception. This time however Ruby lost her ball in the surf, and couldn’t see where it was. Having the advantage of height I could see where it was, and was trying to point it out to her. As I had my wellingtons on, I started to wade out towards the ball, although it became clear that: 1) It was going to be out of my depth and; 2) My right boot was leaking quite badly!

I had though earlier in the week that my boot might have a small hole, as my socks would occasionally be a little damp after we’d been for a walk, but on this occasion I was sure.

I got back on the shore, and leaning against the Castle wall, took off my boot and drained out a significant amount of water. Looking at the boot, I could now see the cause of the problem, because the seawater had washed away most of the mud from the boot. The whole sole of the boot was parting company from the rest of the boot, and letting the water in.

I think this is the third pair of wellingtons that I’ve gone through in a year, I do wear them nearly every day in the winter months, and in spring and autumn too, but three pairs is a little much. They seem to last long enough for me to either loose the receipt or pass the point where the manufacturer will replace them.

I do have another pair, which are a little on the small side and therefore not very comfortable, but I’ll be looking for another pair of boots!

4 thoughts on “Need Another(!) Pair of Wellingtons

  1. Someone told me they’d always forked out for Hunters (a horsy type) but, over the past few years, found that even they didn’t last either. I suspect that the thing to do is either to go for cheap ones and not expect them to last, or do some research on really good ones that will.

  2. I know the feeling. Bought a brand new pair of hiking boots and two months later a hole in the sole that I discovered after planting my right foot in a puddle. Back to the store I go.

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