Quick Links 5th January 2016

Each week (no quick links post last week due to Christmas etc. so I’ve incorporated items from last week here too) I’ll try and post quick links to things that I’ve seen, read or just sparked my interest in the previous week. Mostly gardening, cooking and environmental stuff but not always.

To be Frank There are no Blue Policies for Blue Space [AardvarkNoseFace Blog]

There will be no 12 Days of Christmas if we lose the turtle dove [The Guardian]

The best of the wildlife photography awards 2015 – in pictures [The Guardian]

Flood defenses row: UK paying price for David Cameron’s broken promises [The Guardian]

Mildest December since UK records began means more rain – and more pain [The Guardian]

Top sustainability stories of 2015 – in pictures [The Guardian]

Sow, Grow, Repeat: Christmas trees, mistletoe and festive plants [The Guardian]

The Dragon Autopsy [The Atlantic]

The Woman Who Tweets Cheetahs [The Atlantic]

Watch this video for proof that wildfires are truly terrifying [Grist]

Revealed: how Tory cuts are wrecking UK flood defences [The Guardian]

12 Ideas For Exciting Work Lunches [Grist]


3 thoughts on “Quick Links 5th January 2016

  1. David

    Hi, Alan. Sound like Great Britain is having a terrible time with flooding. We’re praying that it’s not adversely affecting you, where you are.

    1. Hi David, Although we’ve had significantly more rain than usual, we are, compared to some, relatively dry. No significant flooding in our part of the UK so far and we’ve not been directly affected. The worst of the flooding is to the north of us, in Cumbria, Lancashire and Scotland, where many people have sadly had their homes / businesses flooded, many just before and over the Christmas holidays.

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