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Spring Loaded (TWTW #4)

It’s been a busy week for me, with family appointments and a few work related things. I had to take Wilson to the vets for a follow-up after last weeks sample collection as the results were inconclusive. It looks like … Continue reading

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Broken Chain

So yesterday I didn’t post, thus ending the unbroken run of posts started back before Christmas. I realise at about 2 am this morning that I’d missed yesterdays post, but I wasn’t surprised. I’ve struggled a couple of times to … Continue reading

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Busy Doing Nothing

Some days are meant for catching up on all those things you’ve been putting off but don’t seem to achieve much.  Welcome to my Sunday. 

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Broken Promises, Broken Country

[Today’s post is a bit of a political rant – please feel free to skip it if that sort of thing doesn’t interest you]. In 2015 the Tory Party manifesto contained a promise not to raise income tax, national insurance … Continue reading

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I’m not surprised at what Wikileaks has revealed [NY Times Article Link], I don’t think I’d ever assumed that any item of technology was completely safe. On the basis that the moment anyone claims to have made something secure, someone … Continue reading

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Blog Survey – Some Highlights

As regular readers will know I ran a blog survey during February. It’s the second year that I’ve done so, with an aim to see what it is that people like about the blog (and dislike), their favourite types of … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Ashes 

Today we scattered my Grandma’s ashes, it would have been her 95th birthday. 

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