Allotment Video Update for May 30th 2015 (And Journal Notes)

(Journal Notes for 30th May 2015)

Watched by an adult fox this morning as I walked the dogs. He was on the rugby pitch as I entered the field, and stayed there until we were about 50m away. Then he moved back to the edge of the scrub, in the long grass, always keeping about 50m away and seemingly curious of us rather than afraid. One of the other dog walkers feeds them each morning so they seemingly become quite tolerant of the early morning dog walkers! No pics, because I left my phone in the car overnight and the battery was flat.

Off to the plot afterwards Temp +2 – +22 °C, since last Saturday. Recorded a video for upload later and then began digging over last years Kalle and Purple S.B. This is to make way for leeks and poss more radish and lettuce. Lovely morning and plot is looking great if a little weed covered in places. Thistles and other perennials seem to be a particular problem this year.

Have been well supported by a Robin this morning while I’ve been weeding. He’s very tolerant of me or focussed on what grubs and bugs I’m exposing and at one stage I was having to be careful that I didn’t tread on him he was so close.

Went back home for lunch and then after walking the dogs came back down to the plot to plant the 40 leeks that were delivered this morning. There were actually 48. I think the plot is now probably full, assuming that the courgettes come through, but there’s no sign of them yet! Took a moment to enjoy the plot before heading for home.

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