Allotment Video Update 7th June 2014

With some fairly unsettled weather forecast for today, I thought I’d snag a quick video at the allotment. You can find my previous update here.

And about 40 minutes after recording the video above, this happened!

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One thought on “Allotment Video Update 7th June 2014

  1. We just had a light shower, though there was quite a downpour a few miles away. The rain follows and is cut off by the waterways and our village is often pretty dry.

    I do recommend broad bean tops, if you can get them before the blackfly do. Best way of describing them is like spinach scented with broad bean flower. You may like neither, of course, but I love both. There’s also the advantage that they don’t melt away like spinach, you get as much as you cook.

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