Simple Things – Portchester Castle


The older I get, the more I seen to enjoy simple things. A walk with the dog, time spent on the allotment.

When time allows we’ll often jump in the car and go slightly further afield for a dog walk. One of our regular haunts is Portchester Castle. They don’t let dogs into the remains of the castle proper, but you can walk inside the outer wall when it’s open, or around the outside at any time.

There’s a church within the outer walls which seems very popular for weddings, so much so that I haven’t yet been inside as it’s always been in use when I’ve been there.

If the weather holds today and I get away from work at a sensible time (the last few weeks have been early starts and late finishes) then we’re planning a visit, depending on the time, we may get inside three walls or we might have to settle for a walk around the outside. Whichever I’m sure they’ll be an opportunity for a photo or two.


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