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 I’ve been sick the last few days. Coming on the back of a lengthy work trip I’m not surprised and likely I contracted whatever it is on a flight – plane-flu. As is usually the case when I’m sick, … Continue reading

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2014 Review and a Look Ahead

I don’t tend to do review of the year posts each year, sometimes I’ll take a theme and just cover that, other times I won’t bother at all. The latter is more often the norm. 2014 however has been a … Continue reading

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Time Travel

I’ve been using an app – Timehop – on my phone for a few months. Every so often, it throws up something that I forgotten about. Today it was the holiday we had 12 months ago. It was a very … Continue reading

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Wilson’s Story – A New Life Begins

I got used to my new life really quickly and actually quite liked the cage that I had to sleep in, particularly because it had lots of toys, blankets and cushions and so was really comfortable. In fact I spent lots … Continue reading

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I was born on 28th March 2010, at Netley Marsh in Hampshire. I’m a mongrel, or so my paperwork says. That means that my parents were two different breeds of dog. My mum was a Border Collie, and my dad, … Continue reading

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Dog Walk – A Photomotion

One of the groups I belong to on Vimeo is the Weekend Project.  Basically on a Friday (once or twice a month), I get sent an email with a challenge.  If I have the time and the inspiration I take … Continue reading

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My Pummelvision

via youtube.com

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