I’ve been sick the last few days. Coming on the back of a lengthy work trip I’m not surprised and likely I contracted whatever it is on a flight – plane-flu.

As is usually the case when I’m sick, my dreams become more vivid or at least I remember more of the content. It tends to be about what I should be doing at work or is at the depths of my mind.

We were talking last night about remembering Sparky. It’s nearly a year since we lost him, and whether we should mark the occasion by buying our current dogs a rememberance gift. Ruby of course wasn’t around, but Wilson was and I wonder what he remembers? Without trying to anthropomorphisise, does he think about Sparky?

I dreamt about Sparky last night, which I think is actually the first time since we lost him. He was poorly, as he was latterly, but perhaps a reflection of my own illness? My preference is to remember him when he was strong.

Anyhow I think we will mark the occasion in some way, but not sure how just yet.