Red Sky Updated

So I posted a little early yesterday perhaps. When I went into the kitchen for a cup of tea yesterday evening, I looked out to the garden to see it was raining, and had been for a little while.

I’m pleased. Pleased that the proverb is still good, but more importantly that this is the first rain that we’ve had for over a month. It rained all evening and continued over night, and was still going this morning.

I popped into the allotment this morning to uncover some of the seeds I sowed at the weekend, so that they’d get a good drop of rain. I truly believe that rainfall is the best thing for plants rather than direct watering from a hosepipe. I hope it continues for little while, we need a good drop.

Fruits of Summer

2016-06-25 08.28.02

It’s that time of the year when the soft fruit is ripening, and there’s an almost daily supply of fresh loganberries (a cross between a raspberry & a blackberry) and gooseberries, it’s one of my favourite times on the allotment. Last night I made loganberry ice cream, and tonight I’ll be making gooseberry ice cream. Tomorrow, there will probably be more to make something else with.

This week has been extremely unpredictable weather-wise. It’s been hot and sunny one moment, and then we’ve had yellow weather warnings for rain. The weather warnings were lifted on Friday morning, and then this happened:

I suppose given the inaccurate science of weather forecasting I shouldn’t be surprised, but six inches deep water sloshing around the back door, and across our garden in less than a minute was pretty spectacular and frightening, but at least I won’t have to water this evening!

Allotment Update 6th February 2016

I think this weekend was the first reasonable block of time that I’ve been able to spend on my allotment this year. We’ve had weeks of consistent rain, which has left the soil too damp to work without the fear of compacting it, so there has been a limit to the jobs that I’ve been able to get done. The mild temperatures however have meant that the weeds have continued to grow, and on some of the areas that I had already dug, they have been starting to show through. Spending some time weeding ahead of the forthcoming sowing of seeds was therefore important. If the weather holds mild, and dries up a bit more, I should be able to start sowing a few crops under cover in the near future – I hope!

Allotment Update

The last couple of weeks have been pretty wet, so it’s been difficult to get much done on the plot. Fortunately I feel like I’m ahead of where I want to be and so when I went to the plot this last weekend I was able to concentrate on some of the smaller tasks like weeding. With the ground being so wet it was easy to get the weeds out, although if I’d been trying to dig I wouldn’t have gotten very far as the ground was far too wet for that.

Progress is always slower during the winter months, but there is still plenty to do. I have compost bins to sort out, and many of the edges of the beds aren’t as well defined as I would like so it’s difficult to know where the beds and paths, start / finish. Jobs for another weekend when it’s not actually raining.

I also dug the celeriac, which was a disappointment. I covered this in the video below, although we actually only ended up with two usable roots, as one of the three you’ll see in the video turned out to be rotten inside when I cut it open. I doubt that I’ll be growing this next year.