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Christmas Traditions

I can think of a few Christmas traditions and sayings. For example, we always used to be told that if we weren’t well behaved Father Christmas would only leave a lump of coal in our Christmas stocking. If we were … Continue reading

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Garden Birdlist 2016

Regular readers will know that I keep an annual garden bird list. The rule is simple to be on the list I must have seen the bird in, or from the garden for it to qualify. The total so far … Continue reading

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A Couple of Films I’m Looking Forward To In 2017

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Morning Dog Walk

I’d planned to write about routine, but there isn’t much of that at the moment, life is a little bit inconsistent. The one thing that is though is my morning dog walk. Hopefully in the New Year things will improve.

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Solar Allotment Shed

  I had a kit for a solar powered shed light. The receipt was still in the box, and it was over 4 years old, so I wasn’t sure that it would work, but I thought it would be worth … Continue reading

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I’ve asked readers before about whether they’d read a newsletter if I produced one, although essentially Quick Links is becoming a weekly newsletter in the form of a blogpost anyway or seems to be evolving that way in my view. … Continue reading

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Star Wars

There’s a new Star Wars film out today. The original films were a staple of my childhood, before video and DVD the only way to see them was in the cinema. My Dad took me to see all of them … Continue reading

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