Post A Day Review

I’ve been doing this post a day thing for nearly three weeks and I wanted to take stock of some of the things I’ve learned, and review where I go from here. There’ll be a final post tomorrow (my fourth quarter review), and probably one on January 1st, what happens beyond that I’m undecided.

I know a couple of bloggers / writers who post everyday, and mostly what they post I enjoy reading. Although I’ve managed to find something to post myself everyday for the last three weeks, it has felt a little bit forced on some days – like I’ve had to find something to write about because I said I would – so I don’t think it’s been my best writing. Although I like the discipline of making myself write / post something everyday.

Some days I’ve fallen back on posts that would happen anyway e.g. Quick Links, which go out every Monday anyway, and I’ve been quite glad of them, although obviously those are written too.

I’ve often written posts a day or two before they actually go live, so it’s not been as spontaneous as I would have liked, but it was the only way I could actually make a post a day. Although I like knowing that a scheduled post will appear around 7am (GMT) everyday.

I’ve posted things that I might otherwise not have made it onto the blog. Mostly I think this has been good.

I’m erring towards not continuing to post everyday, but perhaps posting more frequently –  e.g. three times a week – than I have been. I’m not sure though whether I can be disciplined enough to do this though, or will forget. For now I’m just going to see what happens, rather than try and force something that might end up being less than perfect.

What do you readers think, let me know via the comments below, and in the meantime I wish you all a very happy New Year.


12 thoughts on “Post A Day Review

  1. I think you’ve done well to post every day at this busy time of year! I’m not sure I could post every day, I’d feel too pressured. A few times a week works for me as I need time to do ‘stuff’ worth blogging about!

  2. There was a time when I would post twice/three times a day. You remember those days? Now I can’t even post a picture a day on Instagram.
    However, the discipline of forcing yourself to write every day is a good one to have.
    Hmmm, I appear to have come down on neither side. Good luck with whatever you decide to go with.

    1. I do remember those days 😃

      I think the main thing I want to avoid is posting rubbish, if I post everyday. Posting for the sake of it seems like a waste of time for everyone, especially people reading the blog, and I’m not sure I do enough “stuff” to keep it up.

      We’ll see, I still haven’t made up my mind.

  3. I’ve been enjoying your posts, but I can relate to the feeling of being forced to post, just for the sake of making an entry. I just don’t have a life in which I think would be very interesting to blog about every day. Most of my days are about feeding chickens, collecting eggs, and chopping wood; oh and complaining about the weather.
    My on-line activities usually comes in waves. Either I’ll be enjoying it and quite active, or not interested and be silent for some time. That’s just me. At least you gave it a try, Alan, and can now decide whether to continue doing it or not. What ever you decide, I’ll keep visiting.

  4. I’ve enjoyed your posts but you have to enjoy writing and posting them too. I admire your discipline though – my average is about three posts per month!

  5. Some years ago I decided to write every day and two or three years ago, I decided that I wouldn’t necessarily any more, not for the sake of it. I did have to use more imagination to come up with something that wasn’t just day to day (mostly delving into the past) and it was well received, but I felt I needed to step away a bit! I’ve been enjoying your posts, and I’m just glad that you’re still blogging, so many people having stopped.

    1. Thanks Z. Blogging keeps me writing, so I’ll keep blogging I guess. Not sure how frequently, but we’ll see.

      Thanks for being one of my regular readers 😃

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