The Rain Came

On Friday I recorded this short allotment update:

We had a little rain overnight on Friday, and a little more on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday we had rain pretty much the entire day. As I sit at my desk writing this it looks like we might get a little more. We needed that Sunday rain more than either of the two previous showers, which hardly made the soil damp, but even so the ground isn’t wet, and our garden pond is still a long way off of being full again.

2 thoughts on “The Rain Came

  1. David

    Glad to hear you at least got some rain your way, Alan. But, when the ground is as dry it is where you and I are, that moisture sure gets soaked up pretty quickly. Here’s hoping you get a little more rain to help bring some relief to the garden.

    1. Hi David, I am thankful for what we had, but yes it’s hardly made a difference, so a little more would be nice, but we’re enjoying the sunshine once again.

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