Cough, Cough (Quick Links 107)

I’ve spent nearly all week feeling unwell. Fortunately not the dreaded flu, just a virus of some kind, with a hacking cough that has kept me awake at night and generally feeling like my chest and head are going to implode. The usual combination of rest, plenty of fluids etc. seems to have been working, and hopefully I’ll kick it relatively quickly. Other than reading (see below) I haven’t done much else this week, so this is going to be short.

Work – I’ve been keeping on top of my emails, but that’s about it this week. Fortunately I didn’t have any meetings or phone calls booked in so I’ve been able to get away with a relatively low profile. With my persistent coughing it’s probably a good thing that I haven’t had to do too much talking.

Allotment – I’d planned to cover the fruit bed with mulch at some point this week, but between being sick and the weather this hasn’t happened. I did manage to sow a few onion “pillules” into some modules – these are normally directly sown into the ground around March, but they didn’t do too well last year, so I thought giving them a headstart might work better – we’ll see. Other than that it has been a quiet week on the plot.

Currently Reading – I’ve had plenty of time to read this week while trying to fight off whatever lurgy it is that I’ve caught.

I’ve read:

Creole Bell by James Lee Burke [GoodReads]

The Happiest Days of our Lives by Wil Wheaton [GoodReads]

Spaceman by Mike Massimino [GoodReads]

and I’m currently reading Pax by Sarah Pennypacker [GoodReads]

I would recommend all of them, although I did find Creole Bell hard going, but that might just be because I was at the worst of being sick when reading that book.

The Week In Wildlife In Pictures – [LINK]

Well I said that this was going to be short, and that’s about it for this  week. Hope to resume normal service next week or as soon as I’m feeling better.


7 thoughts on “Cough, Cough (Quick Links 107)

  1. Hope you get well very soon, Alan. Make sure you eat your chicken soup, as well. It’s very good to help fight off that virus.

    Is that a photo of your father, which you are using for your blog’s banner?

    1. Thanks David, it’s my Grandfather in the banner (I’ve got it set to rotate the picture, so you’ll probably get something different next time), I’ve been adding some more pics, but not one of my Dad yet.

  2. We’ve been under the weather ourselves. Whole family has been hit by an aggressive cold. It does make reading difficult, I prefer staring at pointless TV and drift in and out of sleep.

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