Quick Links 12th November 2017

Greetings from the house with fresh paint on (some of) the walls – yes that’s right this week I’ve been doing a little decorating. It’s really to freshen up a couple of spots, but we’ve got some plans to do more after Christmas, once we’ve decided on the colour. I’ve been painting, walking the dogs and doing mostly domestic stuff this week.

We seem to have shifted our colds and bugs too which is good, I hate being sick, who doesn’t!

The week ahead is the anniversary of my Dad’s death. I remember quite clearly the events of a year ago, and those last few days of his life. Not quite sure what we’ll be doing to commemorate it, but I’m sure we will be doing something.

Work – With all the painting I’ve not been doing much on the work front this week. I did have a meeting on Friday morning, which was planning for another meeting in a couple of weeks time,and the remainder of the time I’ve mostly been working from my phone in between coats of paint.

Allotment – Not much action on the plot this week due to the wet weather. I’m not too bothered because things are quite up together, although if the weather continues this way, I’ll have to start tarping areas of the plot so that I can dig them in between the wet spells otherwise the ground won’t dry out sufficiently to let me dig.

Currently Reading – I’ve been dipping into Hunting Hitlers Nukes by Damien Lewis this last week [GoodReads] it reminds me that a lot of what happened in WWII runs the risk of being forgotten, and perhaps that this isn’t a good thing.

The Week In Wildlife – In Pictures

Politics – Quite a bit happening in UK politics at the moment. It used to be that politicians were – in the main – upstanding members of the community who were there to represent and do the best for the people who elected them. Over the last couple of weeks a lot of things have been coming to light that demonstrate that this is most definitely no longer the case.

If things continue this way it’s possible that there will be another general election soon, technically it’s possible for it to be before the end of 2017, although that doesn’t seem likely.

An extraordinary battle between sperm whales and orcas – in pictures [LINK]

The Detectorists – Pretty sure I’ve mentioned this series before, but if not you should check it out. Series 3 started this week.

Peter Rabbit – The Movie – I’m not sure about  this, but so long as this trailer isn’t just all the best bits, this could be quite a fun movie.

As The Silly Season ahead of the Christmas period kicks off at full speed, the major retailers are launching their Christmas adverts. They’re quite a good crop this year, I particularly like the M&S one with Paddington Bear.

30 Day Time Lapse At Sea
I find this kind of hypnotic, and I particularly enjoyed the night sequences.

“The evidence points in one direction – we must ban neonicotinoids” – Michael Gove

I was a little surprised when I read this article [LINK] in the week, as Gove’s predecessors as SoS for DEFRA have been almost exactly the opposite in terms of their views. So I give this a warm but cautious welcome, given that I’m sure the pesticide companies will sure to be lobbying strongly to stop any ban. In related news though [LINK] it seems that the problem is probably a lot worse than was thought. I can’t say that this surprises me at all when you think about the linkages and also the food chains / webs involved.

I’ve never had much time for Michael Gove before, but I wonder whether he might have found his calling at DEFRA?

From Pesticides to Fertilisers – Again this [LINK] is something that we should have been able to foresee and prevent. As a species, we are particularly dumb.