Quick Links 5th November 2017

Greetings From The Plague House – where we all seem to have come down with something, even the dogs are coughing and sneezing. I blame the event I was at last Monday, where I spent most of the evening in the lee of a draughty doorway.

Not only is this weeks post a little later in the day as a result it will also be a bit shorter than usual.

As well as the clocks going back last weekend, and we’re now on Greenwich Mean Time again, but we’re also celebrating the failure of someone to blow something up with gunpowder, by blowing up things with gunpowder and other explosives. The beginning of November marks the fireworks silly season which will now last until well after Chinese New Year.

(The mornings are lighter again (for a while), here’s a quick read relating to that hours change).


Work  I was at a showcase / networking event on Monday. I think it went well (apart from it seems catching a chill), I had some good conversations with a number of different people. It hasn’t generated anything further as yet but sometimes these things take a little time to generate further leads. Following on from that I’ve been doing my end of month accounts etc.

Allotment – It was a bit wet to get much done this week. I did notice however that the broad beans are going from strength to strength. I also got asked to help unload a lorry of manure (s***** job!), but all for the good as it will help plants to grow.

Currently Reading – I haven’t settled on a book at all this week, I’ve read a little from several different ones, but nothing has really taken my attention. Partly because I haven’t felt like it. So I’ve been catching up on some podcasts instead.

The Week In Wildlife – In Pictures

Most of UK’s fruit and veg is from other EU nations ‘so Brexit impact may be dramatic’ [LINK] Glad I’ve got the allotment!

Casey Neistat Halloween Star Wars Speeder Bike Video