Blog Survey – Some Highlights

As regular readers will know I ran a blog survey during February. It’s the second year that I’ve done so, with an aim to see what it is that people like about the blog (and dislike), their favourite types of posts and a few other things.

I sat down yesterday to go through the results, and to randomly pick the winner of the £10 Amazon voucher, which has now been sent to them.

Thanks to everyone who took part, I’d like to have sent everyone a voucher as a thank you, but that would have been a trifle expensive! So if you didn’t win, thanks for helping me out with your time and views.

So some highlights from the survey.

Q. How long have you been reading this blog?

It seems things are pretty evenly split with half of respondents having been reading for 2 or more years, and the other half, a year or less.

Q. Which post types do you like the most?

There’s quite a bit of detail in the answers here, as I asked you to rank your answers in order of preference. However by far and away the most popular are allotment and gardening posts, followed in a close second by Quick Links, with cooking posts coming third.

Q. What media do you prefer in posts?

Text was the most popular answer here, with a mix of text and video or pictures a close second.

Q. What would you like to see in the future?

Again this question has a lot of detail, as it also asked you to rank from a lot less to a lot more. It seems though, that most people are happy with the post types as they are, although again allotment and gardening posts, and Quick Links were asked for “a little more” or “a lot more” in a few responses, as were nature posts.

This is one of the most important set of responses for me in helping shape future content. I’m pleased that it seems most people are happy with the balance at the moment, but obviously I can write more in those areas that seem more popular going forward.

Q. I’m thinking of starting a monthly (or possibly weekly) newsletter. This is likely to replace the Quick Links weekly posts. It would require an email subscription rather than being something that would appear by default on the blog.Would you be interested in signing up this?

Nearly everybody said yes. I have to say I’m not sure when this will happen, but it does seem that there is a demand for it. I’ll be giving this some serious thought over the coming days, so stay tuned!

Q. Demographics

I asked a couple of demography questions which I’ll aggregate a little here. The age group of my readers spans from 25 to 55 and is evenly split between male and female.

Obviously this is based solely on those that completed the survey and answered these questions (there was a “prefer not to say” option here, which a few people used, which is fine with me). So the actual answers might be different.

So there you have it. Thanks again to all those of you who took the time to complete the survey, and also thank you for being a reader of this blog.