Storm Doris Aftermath

Storm Doris hit the UK yesterday. The middle of the Country was probably the worst affected area, but we had some pretty wicked winds here (much worse than when I last wrote about a storm).

I walked the dogs around the woods yesterday morning, which was before the worst of the winds hit, but on our afternoon walk it was too windy to feel safe walking there, so I stayed out on the playing fields. The wind was so strong that on one occasion a strong gust made me stagger a bit, nearly blowing me off of my feet.

It made for a good exercise regime for the dogs though, as with the wind behind me their balls were going about four times further than I can normally throw them!

This morning I went down to the allotment, as is my want to do, following a storm. My plot was fine, but there was a tree that had come down from the other side of the perimeter fence, taking out a neighbouring plot holders shed, and laying across most of their plot.

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The site manager is pretty efficient so I expect the tree will be gone soon, although I’m not sure the shed is repairable.

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