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It doesn’t come as a surprise to me to read articles like this one, but it shouldn’t really matter that we can’t get produce like this at this time of year. The UK climate doesn’t support growing iceberg lettuces outside at this time of year, but there are plenty of things that do grow well in the UK winter climate. Leeks, kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower to name a few. Add to that things that have been frozen or preserved – beans, onions and a few other things. It doesn’t matter that we can’t get these other crops. Shoppers have got so used to having those things, at a reasonable price, that it’s suddenly news worthy when there are crop failures, and prices go up. They’re not used to looking at the other vegetables that are seasonal, available, and probably grown in the UK.

3 thoughts on “Eat Seasonally

  1. And where are they getting their produce in the first place? The article mentions US grown lettuce. How can shipping out of season produce from another continent be good for fighting “man made climate change”? If people and governments were so concerned about combating climate change, they should not be buying imported produce like this in the first place.

    Notice that in the article they blame the shortage on “weather problems in Spain”.

    You’re absolutely correct in saying that this should not be news worthy. But, instead, they’ll continue to convince us that situations like this are disastrous, that we deserve to have lettuce when ever we want, and requires that we transfer more of our own wealth into the coffers of their banker buddies to help fight climate change.

    Just par for the course, unfortunately.

    1. Absolutely. Just because we can – ship a lettuce around the world – doesn’t mean we should. This isn’t progress, it’s just loosing touch with what’s around us. Plenty of tasty, seasonal produce available, and when lettuces are in season again they actually taste better for not having travelled huge distances.

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