3 thoughts on “Snowmageddon

  1. David

    Well, come on over here to the homestead for a visit. It’s currently -30C with a wind chill of -42C. But, later today it’s supposed to get up to a balmy -24C.

    During temperatures like this, I have to collect our chicken eggs as soon as possible after laying. Leaving them for too long and they’ll freeze solid and sometimes crack their shells.

    1. We’re just not used to it in this country David. First snowflake and our infrastructure goes into meltdown.

      We have some snow now, about half-a-centimetre. We’ll have to wait and see what things are like in the morning.

      1. David

        Yes, I know. When you’re not used to it, even a few snow flakes can be challenging. It’s just amusing to me what “snowmageddon” means in some areas. šŸ™‚

        Stay warm and stay safe. And happy new year to you!

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