New Years Eve Traditions

Each year we celebrate New Years Eve by watching the same two films. We keep the dogs company, so that the fireworks don’t freak them out too much, this year was no exception.

Interestingly they are both films of Alistair MacLean books.

The first, Where Eagles Dare.

The second, The Guns of Navarone.

They’re two of my favourite films and they have both aged very well in my opinion.

If you’ve not watched them or read the books, I’d recommend doing both. The films are fairly good adaptations of the books, but the books are even better. 

Both stories of war time heroism, long odds of survival and plots with plenty of twists.

Watching Richard Burton call Clint Eastwood “A second-rate punk.” always brings a smile to my face, and both films are chock full of action.

Do you have any films that you enjoy watching time and again?

4 thoughts on “New Years Eve Traditions

  1. Excellent yearly tradition, Alan! My favorite lines from WHERE EAGLES DARE:

    Lt. Morris Schaffer: “Look, Major, this is primarily a British operation. I’m an American. I don’t even know why the hell I’m here.”

    Major John Smith: “Lieutenant, you’re here because you’re an American.”

    I wrote about DARE here:

  2. The Big Sleep and The Third Man. I regularly reread TBS too, where my favourite line is “she was small and delicately put together, but she looked durable” and my favourite mental picture is the extraordinary thought of the hard-boiled Mr Marlowe wearing a powder blue suit. One of the best continuity touches in any film is in the orchid house, where his shirt gets gradually wetter with sweat and afterwards, gradually dries out again.

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