Autumn Arriving

The mornings are starting to feel a little chillier now, there’s a regular morning breeze that’s been absent for a while, and the days are shortening. It’s now dark in the mornings when I get up, and the sun is down again by nine o’clock in the evening. I’m wearing long trousers again and my shorts are only coming out if the mercury rises high enough.

Last week I was watching swallows and house martins, diving and wheeling across the playing fields near my house, flying incredibly low, trying to catch insects. It won’t be much longer before they head South and I’m assuming that this is their last chance to stock up before they leave.

Swallows catching insects before they head south
Swallows catching insects before they head south

I actually like autumn and welcome it’s arrival, although it signals a change, it’s full of vibrant colours and there is still a little warmth left from the summer months around to convince me that the sun is quite done yet.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Arriving

  1. Yes, autumn is certainly in the air for us, as well. We’ve even seem some geese flying into the area already. I really like this time of year; the smells in the air, all of the different colours, and the crisp mornings. And now that I’m taking part in the harvest activities, add to that list lots of activities.

    Have a great autumn season, Alan!

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