Allotment Update from 13th August 2016

Since I recorded the above video, the pumpkin that is next to the brassica cage has succumbed to slug damage. I think I’m going to pull out that plant this weekend, as although it has already fruited another pumpkin, there is no way that it will ripen in time.

2 thoughts on “Allotment Update from 13th August 2016

  1. Sad to hear about the pumpkin. Is there a way that you could cover the plant, once the colder weather hits, and extend it’s growing season a bit (just long enough to allow the fruit to ripen)?

    1. Hi David, theoretically yes, and I may have to do this for the other plant which is a bit further along, but I’ve allowed these to weave in and out of other plants and they’re about 6 to 8 feet long, which is a lot of plant to cover up even if it was laid flat, so practically it would be a challenge. I suspect it will get nobbled by slugs anyway, so far I’ve had about 4 or 5 fruit on that one plant, and each time they’ve gotten to softball size and then the slugs have had them. The other one which is suspended above the ground seems to be doing okay, so I think all my efforts will go on helping that one along as it’s the oldest plant, and probably in the most slug-resistant location!

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