Going Dutch

I’ve been in The Netherlands for a few days for work. Normally these trips are a flash in the pan and I never get to see any of the local area where I’m staying other than the office or wherever the meeting happens to be. This time however I’ve managed to see quite a bit, including on the flight out from the airport.


I’m staying in a fairly basic hotel, comfy and with a giant Aardvark right outside.


An Aardvark that also has a twitter account.


I also managed to get out and see the John Frost Bridge. This is the “Bridge Too Far”, made famous in the film of the same name, and part of “Operation Marketgarden”. Although the film tells one story, the little museum that is just below the bridge tells another, more realistic turn of events and how the battle took place over the period of ten days, seventy years ago. The bridge itself is a replacement for the one that was destroyed during the fighting, although the footings are the original ones.