Doing Something You’ve Always Wanted To, But Never Got Around To

For a number of years I lived in Plymouth. On many walks around the town, I’d always wanted to walk to the top of a local landmark – Smeaton’s Tower. I never did manage it. It was either closed, too busy/long a wait, couldn’t afford the entrance fee (I was a broke student for many of those years).


Today I was back in Plymouth, just wandering around like the old days. In addition to the Tower, ther is now also a “big-wheel”

And consequently a choice of high things to go on.

Smeaton’s Tower however is the bigger draw. I was lucky, it was a half-hour to closing; I paid my dues, and up I went. It’s not very high really, but in all honesty about as high as I can handle, and there are some great views at the top.




The Tower is still laid out as it would have been when it was in use, and I can’t say I’d have been particularly keen to be one of the light keepers. Too many steep ladders, and tight confined spaces.


Strange as it may sound though, I feel a sense of achievement, having completed something that I’d meant to do over twenty years ago.

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