Planting A Bulb Pot: A Quick & Easy Job For The Weekend

This is a quick and easy way to bring spring colour to any garden, but time’s running out and you really need to do this now.

You’ll Need:

Large Flower Pots (bulbs need to be planted about 3-4 times as deep as the bulb is tall, so you’ll need a pot large enough for your largest bulbs) – I used troughs, but that’s just personal choice.
Crock (for drainage)
Compost or soil
Bulbs of your choice (in my case daffodils, tulips and crocus).

First place the crocks and a layer of compost in the bottom of the pots.

Now place the first of your bulbs, in this case my daffodils were the largest of the bulbs I had so they went in first.

Cover these with soil. You can leave the tips of the bulbs showing in order to help with placing the next layer of bulbs. In this case, tulips for me.

Again cover with soil, and repeat with the final layer of bulbs, in my case crocus.

Cover with soil, and gently firm the top. I leave a gap between the top of the pot and the soil to make watering easier.

Now place in the garden where you want them for the spring. Job done.

I used a mixture of daffodils (about 15), tulips (again about 15) and crocus (about 40). I bought mine from the local farm shop, because it allows me to support a small local business, plus they are cheaper than the garden centre and I can buy them loose or already bag. They were 60p/lb (450g) for daffodils, £1.75 for 20 crocus, and £2.50 for 15 Tulips.

They should bring some colour from late January right the way through to May. When they finished flowering the pots can be moved from the garden, but they need to be stored in sunlight in order to allow for the bulbs to recoup the energy expended in flowering. Leave the greenery on, as without this recharge the bulbs will not flower next year.