Marwood Hill Gardens and Tapeley Park

We’ve just come back from a week in Devon. The weather was showery but that didn’t stop us visiting a couple of the gardens in the area that are still open to the public. Most are seasonal and close at the end of September, but a few remain open until the end of October. Two of these are Marwood Hill and Tapeley Park. Both are quite small, and you can easily get round them in a day.

Marwood Hill.

This small garden is focussed around a large pond, with a variety of areas, and a number of national collections (see their website for details).

Tapeley Park

Broken into a number of different areas, including a kitchen garden and a permaculture garden has its main focus around an Italian themed garden.

Finally is anyone able to help me identify this plant? I assume looking at the flower type and leaves that it is a member of the Lily family, but that’s about as far as my skills are able to take me.