Bloom Day July 2012

The garden is looking pretty hard done by at the moment. Mostly the result of near relentless rain over the last six or more weeks. Plants are looking battered and flattened, so there are only a few that are flowering sufficiently well to share.

Anyway, first up; Hydrangea.


This bush was in the garden when we first moved in, and it sits against the wall to our neighbours property. If you didn’t know it was there it would be easy to miss, even when it’s in flower.






Followed by Pelargonium.








Add a Moon Daisy or two for good measure.








Plenty of Nasturtiums in flower now.








Fuchsias too…








And not forgetting of course, Roses:








Finally our black Hollyhock continues to flower. A few years ago we grew some from seed, and now they have self-seeded and peppered the garden with their vibrant dark blooms.

Here’s hoping that next month is a little drier and there is even more in bloom.

7 thoughts on “Bloom Day July 2012

  1. patsybell

    Black hollyhocks seem so mysterious and exotic. Yours are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your garden.

  2. Loved your black Hollyhock, and the fuchsias are beautiful too – mine haven’t started flowering yet, too much rain and too cold here in London!

  3. Our gardens are looking awfully tired due to the heat and humidity of SC–and especially since we were visiting relatives in Europe for two weeks. Nothing like coming home to unruly, weed-laden gardens…boo! I love your black hollyhock–I grew some from seed for a client last year, but never put any in our gardens. What was I thinking?! Lovely photos. Happy GBBD!

  4. I know it seems silly, but I can not get Nasturtiums to grow in my garden! They will germinate…but just sort of struggle along all summer…so, needless to say, I’m always jealous of those who can grow them 😉

  5. @Lea Thank you and thanks for stopping by.
    @patysbell Thanks, and thanks for visiting my blog
    @Alana Gladly, you’re welcome to the rain, things are looking up for the next week or so, sun and rising temperatures!
    @Helene The Fucshias were an impulse buy at our local farmshop, so glad I did though, have been one of the most spectacular plants this year
    @Julie I think we gardeners are never satisfied no matter what the weather.
    @Scott I grew ours from seed in modules, sown in March in our unheated potting shed, and then planted out into the planters. They seemed to like being constrained by the modules and were really vigourous.

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