Killer Bytes (a novella of intrigue) – One Week In

This time last week, I uploaded the final version of my novella Killer Bytes to Amazon. By the following morning it was available for purchase. 


I am pleased to say that it’s been selling too. It’s a little early to say whether or not I’m going to make my fortune (probably not I suspect, at least not quite just yet), but some people have bought copies.

As it’s self-published, it’s just me, and my twitter friends, facebook contacts etc who have been promoting the book for me. If you’re one of them, then thank you, I appreciate your support.

To date it’s also had two reviews on amazon, one four stars and one five stars! Being described as:

Nifty Police Procedural With Sharply Drawn Characters


Fun and fast-paced read“.

And now, the breaking news is I can expect a few more reviews too, as Killer Bytes and I are going on tour, across two continents! All of this will actually be happening without me having to leave the comfort of my keyboard, working with Partners In Crime Virtual Book Tours.

PICT is one of the companies who I regularly review for, and they are very kindly now taking my book on a tour of the blogosphere.


I’m very excited by this opportunity, and as part of the tour will be giving away some PICT limited edition copies of Killer Bytes. You can find more details of the tour here, and it’s developing all the time, so worth checking back if you want to know the details of which stops will be giving away the limited edition versions.

In the meantime you can of course buy an electronic version of Killer Bytes via:

Smashwords (which has both Nook and Kindle versions available).

What a week!