Book Review: The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz

The House of Silk: The New Sherlock Holmes NovelThe House of Silk: The New Sherlock Holmes Novel by Anthony Horowitz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Some of my favourite stories are of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. There have been many “non-Conan Doyle” tales since the last of the original stories was written, very few of those come close to the originals. The House of Silk, is however one of the few exceptions.

The language and writing style is much closer to the original, and certainly the story is well plotted. It did seem to lack some of the original excitement and magic of Sherlock Holmes, and I felt at times that some of Holmes’ investigation was a little clumsy. Something that Conan-Doyle would never have included.

Despite the above, I have to say I enjoyed the story, and there was still a little twist at the end which I didn’t see coming, even though I had managed to work out part of the main plot.

I look forward to Anthony Horowitz, writing more stories including Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

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