Work In Progress

After approximately thirty-five thousand words, my novella is finished. Well not finished exactly, there is still a considerable amount of work to do before you’ll be able to download it to your favourite e-reader or get a paper copy. Probably about another month to go before you can do that.

The Christmas break helped me finish the bulk of the writing, and versions have been passing back between myself and my editor, honing the words. We’re nearly there, and then there’s cover art, proper formatting for converting to ebook format etc. It’s close, just not quite there yet.

I’ll be setting up a dedicated page here soon with more details, and also some of my research pictures and other things to hopefully whet the appetite. I’ll also post the relevant links when publication day comes. If you’re interested to buy, I’m aiming to keep the price as low as I can, hopefully under £1.00, it’s a novella afterall, so should be a quick read that doesn’t break the bank.

More news,as and when it’s available.