Book Review: Exit 9 by Brett Battles


Exit 9 is the second book in the Project Eden series, Sick is the first book and although you don’t need to read it first you probably should just because it too is a great book!

Exit 9 continues the story of potentially world ending terrorism with Project Eden seeking to change the world forever.

The story continues to follow Daniel Ash, and a number of other characters, but now lines between good and evil are a little more blurred than they were before, trust no one!

Brett Battles has another awesome book here, the well thought out plot takes you scene by scene through at an increasing pace to an absolute cliff-hanging ending which will have you crying out for the next book in the series. Twists throughout mean that it’s difficult to tell who is on who’s side, and the fast moving plot will leave you breathless guessing who is going to prevail.

The characters are well rounded, with many developing more than they did in the first book.

The technical aspects of the book and how it deals with the relevant science, gadgets and weapons are all well researched and believable, and this gives great depth to the overall story.

Don’t expect a nice a tidy conculsion though, there are only two books that have ever given me nightmares while I’ve been reading them, Salem’s Lot was the first and Exit 9 by Brett Battles is the other.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars – I Loved it!