Book Review:  The Cleaner by Brett Battles (Warning: Contains Spoilers)

The CleanerThe Cleaner by Brett Battles
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jonathan Quinn is an espionage agent, but he doesn’t work for MI6 or the CIA, he’s freelance.

Quinn is asked to investigate a suspicious arson and death, and soon someone is trying to kill him. Quinn needs to find out what’s going on and stop those who are after him before they put a stop to his investigation permanently. The trail will take Quinn to Vietnam, Germany and Brussels, and put Quinn in some tight spots where his death is one likely outcome.

This is the first in the Jonathan Quinn series by Brett Battles and I will certainly be getting the next one in due course.

Brett Battles knows how to tell an action packed tale, leaving me breathless at times, and not wanting to put my kindle down. The knowledge of spy craft and the “toys” that Quinn uses leave you wondering just how Brett knows the details that he writes in his book, but they form part of a nail biting tale.

I would heartedly recommend this book.

[On a negative point, although I have given my review 5 stars I have done so on the strength of the writing and the story alone. The transfer to Kindle was particularly poor, with a huge margin on the left of the page, and many other visual mistakes that made reading hard work.]

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