The Remains by Vincent Zandri: Book Review

The RemainsThe Remains by Vincent Zandri
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Joseph Whalen, a convicted sex offender, attacked twin sisters Rebecca & Molly Underhill when they were children. He’s been in jail for the last 30 years but now he’s been released on parole. A lot has changed in 30 years, Molly has passed away and Rebecca now runs an art centre.

When Rebecca starts receiving anonymous text messages and the artist in residence at the centre Franny, an autistic savant, begins painting her pictures reminiscent of when she was attacked by Whalen, things begin to take a nasty turn.

Vincent Zandri cracks out a terrifying ride through both sub-conscious and conscious mixing memory and present in this fast paced thriller. From the opening chapters where he paints elements of doubt, and an is he isn’t he presence of Whalen, back in Rebecca’s life the story keeps you turning the pages.

The cat and mouse chase sequence in woodland, at night during a storm are reminiscent of some of the best adrenaline rides out there, and you know that the evil isn’t going to stop, just keep coming.

The final twisting and turning pages tie together nicely and remain believable where so many others in this genre would fall.

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