Vimeo Weekend Project – Local Tour

This weekends Vimeo Weekend Project’s task was a relatively simple one:

“Make a 1 – 2 minute documentary-style video showing us something local. You must introduce yourself on camera. Remember, just because it’s a documentary, doesn’t mean it can’t be funny or creative!”

As many will know I frequently do “Allotment Video Updates”, so the tour route was an easy one.  As I was woken up by a poorly dog at 2am, and then again at 4am, I got a very early start!

The biggest problem in the end was editing down the footage I shot to be under two minutes.  I think I probably had about 5 minutes worth if I’d used everything, so a lot was put to one side.

Local Tour – The Gillies Allotments from tontowilliams on Vimeo.

Of course given some of the shots I was trying to take, there were also quite a few out-takes, and that made a second longer video.

Behind the Scenes and Outakes from Vimeo Weekend Project Local Tour from tontowilliams on Vimeo.