So Many Decisions – Getting Ready for a Holiday


We’re getting ready for a holiday.  We’ll be going back to where we went in March, where cellphones don’t work and where there is no internet.  Just woodland, books, dvds and whatever else you are able to take with you that doesn’t require a wireless connection.

I feel like I need the break.  Work has been pretty full on this year, with the arrival of the coalition government it is a time of a lot of uncertainty and budget planning.  At the same time we still have a very full work programme to deliver, so I’m tired and my batteries require a recharge.  I’m really looking forward to getting away.

Planning what to take is proving to be the issue of the moment.  There are only so many books you can read in a week, only so many movies you can watch, but which ones?  Similarly do I want to take a laptop with me?  I might want to write, and my netbook is traditionally my mobile writing machine.  I might want to take photographs, for that I’ll need to take not only my camera, but I might also want my laptop which has all my photo and video editing packages on.  My netbook and laptop are different machines, decisions, decisions.  Nice to have choices to make, but I want to have a nice relaxing time not worried about whether I packed the right technology.  So time to make a decision and stick to it.


Time to make sure that this holiday is about relaxation, recharging and cutting off from the pressures of work and life.



One thought on “So Many Decisions – Getting Ready for a Holiday

  1. willkay

    You could probably take both. It is not like either take up too much space. Unless your laptop is from the ’80s. Tee hee.

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