Heavy Rain – A Short Review (May Contain Spoilers)


You will have probably seen the tv adverts for this game, there have been a few different ones.  I was given a copy for my birthday and this is my review.
Eurogamer has said that this game will be "unlike anything you'll play this year", and it is certainly different.  The game requires you play as one of four different player characters and to try and track down the "oragami killer" before he strikes again.  You play as the dad of one of the victims, a private detective, a journalist and an FBI agent.  You don't choose who you play as this is determined as the game unfolds.  Your actions determine what happens next and all the characters are vulnerable, meaning the game can take any turn at any time. 
You take actions by using the controls in a set sequence given for you on screen depending on what it is you are trying to do at the time, from the mundane (using the toilet) to the more complicated (hand-to-hand combat with the killer).
The game is good, the graphics are excellent and the story well thought through and scripted.  My only critism is the amount of game play, from start to finish (including successfully identifying the oragami killer and rescuing a child) took me about 20 hours of play.  I was expecting more given the number of characters.  Given the cost of games nowadays this is becoming more important as a consideration.