Bosch TV: Now Available

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You can now watch the pilot episode of Bosch online. Go here for the UK or here for the USA.

I watched it this evening and I have to say that Titus Welliver has the character of Harry Bosch down to exactly as Michael Connelly has him written in the books. It’s a great conversion from book to small screen and although this is only a pilot episode, it has all the makings of a great TV series. I certainly hope that a full series follows.

There’s a little taster with some behind the scenes peeks below.


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Bosch TV – Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch Coming To A Small Screen Near You

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I’m really very excited about something right now. If you follow this blog, or follow me elsewhere, you’ll know that I’m a fan of Michael Connelly. He’s written over 25 novels and has perhaps two of the strongest characters in crime fiction in Micky Haller (The Lincoln Lawyer) and LAPD detective, Harry Bosch.

Now finally Harry Bosch is coming to the small screen in a pilot episode that will be available on Amazon (in the US) and on LoveFilm (in the UK).

The pilot is based around two of Michael Connelly’s books; The Concrete Blonde & City of Bones, and will be free to watch. Finally and perhaps most importantly in my opinion, is that the author has been involved very closely in production, something that doesn’t often happen. You can expect what’s coming up to be about as close to the books as it is possible to be I suspect.

If you want to know more about the pilot episode, and hopefully what will be a long running series, visit the authors website here.

At the moment, the exact launch date isn’t clear, but I’ll update when there’s more to say. If like me, you want to see this become a series then all you have to do is watch, and rate. The better the reviews, obviously the more chance that there will be a series made.

Personally I can’t wait.

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