Allotment Update

The last couple of weeks have been pretty wet, so it’s been difficult to get much done on the plot. Fortunately I feel like I’m ahead of where I want to be and so when I went to the plot this last weekend I was able to concentrate on some of the smaller tasks like weeding. With the ground being so wet it was easy to get the weeds out, although if I’d been trying to dig I wouldn’t have gotten very far as the ground was far too wet for that.

Progress is always slower during the winter months, but there is still plenty to do. I have compost bins to sort out, and many of the edges of the beds aren’t as well defined as I would like so it’s difficult to know where the beds and paths, start / finish. Jobs for another weekend when it’s not actually raining.

I also dug the celeriac, which was a disappointment. I covered this in the video below, although we actually only ended up with two usable roots, as one of the three you’ll see in the video turned out to be rotten inside when I cut it open. I doubt that I’ll be growing this next year.

First Frost

2015-11-23 08.33.24

We had our first frost of the season last weekend. Both Saturday night and Sunday night the temperature dropped below zero, only by a few degrees but enough to make the plot look quite pretty under its white frosting.

Everything seems to be okay, I haven’t anything on the plot now that isn’t frost hardy, at least to a point, so what’s there should take us through the winter in terms of vegetables.

The rest of the week has been pretty wet, with rain most days at some point, so this hasn’t been conducive to getting much done on the plot, but then that’s fairly normal for this time of the year. I’m hoping to keep on top of the plot as much as possible, this last year has been a great one for me on the allotment, and I really want to build on that for going forward, trying to be much more self-sufficient and live a simpler life.

Frosty Start – The First of the Season & Allotment Short Clips

Not This Mornings Weather!
Not This Mornings Weather!

I think last night / this morning was the first proper frost of the season. When I took the dogs for their morning walk, the grass was still crispy and white. I haven’t noticed any signs in the garden yet, but I’ll have another look later in the day and see if there are any plants that look damaged. A sign that winter isn’t very far away.

Video below from the allotment and garden, just a few short clips of things that are happening. At this time of year there isn’t a lot going on so it’s easier to do short clips rather than a long tour, which just shows dug over beds. I will do a longer video before the end of the year though, just to mark the end of 2015!

Frosty Start, Sunny Finish


After a busy weekend on the allotment, with my early spuds going in the ground as well as shallots, radish, lettuce, parsnip and a complete set of brassica plants that arrived last Friday, I was hoping for them to escape any significant frosts. Knowing that to be unlikely I did make sure that they were all under cover. I made good use of the cloche that I built a week or so ago.



This morning I woke to a proper frost however. The roof of our house was white, as was the ground, I hoped that my preparations were enough. 

After work this evening I walked down to the allotment with the dogs to check how my new plants were. By now the sun was out and the Mercury had risen. Everything appears well, all of the brassica plants that went in only a few days ago seem fine, my cloche has done a good job. I’m sure they’ll be more frosts to come, but it’d good to know that my preparations seem good.