The Birds

You know that scene in the Hitchcock movie where all the birds are lined up on the telegraph lines and the ridge lines of the houses, they’re on the ground, they’re everywhere. Well the garden is a bit like that at the moment. I just went out and filled the bird feeders and the word obviously got out because there are birds everywhere.

I daren’t move either, I’m afraid that if I move this will scare away the birds. So I think I can sit here and type, the movement of my fingers on the keyboard doesn’t seem to be too alarming to them, but I suspect getting up to make a coffee might not be feasible.

3 thoughts on “The Birds

  1. We are toying w/getting a bird feeder for our front yard; only . . . murders upon murders of crows dominate this area of the forest in which we live and they would bully all the others for the rights to feed. We’ll see. Our neighbour succumbed to the same problems. Crows dominated the feeder the entire day; no one else got to eat. So they discontinued the feeder.

  2. The trick there might be finding food that the crows don’t like but the other birds do. Finches and smaller birds quite like smaller seeds which crows can’t really be bothered with. That said crows will bully other birds just because.

    I say give it a try and see what happens.

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