TWTW # 107

I’m taking the next few Sundays off writing these posts. At the moment I feel like all I want to write about it is how badly the government is handling the response to coronavirus and Brexit. Frankly it’s making me feel a bit shouty and sweary and a bit fed up. Anyway I’m going to take a break from writing here and also from looking at Twitter until after Christmas.

Whatever you celebrate, if anything, over the next couple of weeks I hope you have a great time.

Stay safe and take care.

3 thoughts on “TWTW # 107

  1. David B.

    It’s all a mess. We know how you feel and, quite frankly, isolating yourself from the social media pundants and news outlets is necessary to remain sane. I’d say give us a call to rant and blow off some steam, if it weren’t for the high long distance charges.

    Stay strong; stay safe.

  2. Christian Payne

    Hey man, enjoy the time away from all this. Hope you can come back refreshed. All the best, christian


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