TWTW # 71

Hello. How are you doing? I hope you’re safe and well.

The blackthorn is in full bloom at the moment (see left), and it’s quite an amazing site.

I didn’t sleep very well last night. Because of someone else monumental incompetence I have to leave the house today for something other than my daily exercise and I’m not looking forward to it. Is the trip essential? Yes it is, but I have tried so hard to complete this task without leaving the house and just can’t. At the heart of this is someone else’s inflexibility that means I have to put myself at risk. Admittedly the risk is slight but it’s there none the less. Some people / organisations are just arseholes.

I’ve tweaked my working arrangements a bit for the time being. Fortunately I technically still have some client work to do, but things have decreased a bit and pace has slowed right down. As a result I’m tending to work mostly in the mornings after my once daily trip out with the dogs, working until lunchtime. After a lunchbreak I’m turning to do something productive either in the house or the garden, so this week I’ve been tackling odd jobs, including repairing our garden bench. I had intended to replace the bench this spring as it’s really showing its age but given that is now unlikely to happen soon I made some running repairs. After I’ve finished the productive element of my afternoon I turn to reading, or watching something. Again trying to clear backlogs of shows that I’ve recorded and haven’t yet watched or just watching random things.

After a friend sent me this link to a documentary on Hummingbirds (which you’ll probably need to watch via a VPN in the UK, but can be found on other services too), I’ve also been watching much more natural history programmes. Much more relaxing than watching the news at any rate.

Towards the end of the afternoon / early evening thoughts turn towards food again, and then the evening is spent with more books or a film. We’re deliberately watching less news and trying just to stick to the briefing that happens around 5pm each day.

My reading this week has mostly been across reading some H P Lovecraft and Thomas Merton. I’ve found it tough to get into anything that requires longer term concentration, I guess that’s a sign of the times.

I’ve had some requests for online garden talks. I’m working out the logistics of doing this, but it’s certainly possible for me, but I suspect given the age profile of my normal audience it might not be everyone’s thing. Nothing’s confirmed yet so watch this space.

The allotment site has been experiencing some petty theft and vandalism in the last week. The site manager’s conclusion is this is from another plot holder, but I’m not convinced. Luckily I’ve not been effected yet.

We’ve also been supply fresh veg to NHS staff so that they don’t have to go to the supermarket. I’ve only really got leeks and carrots on the plot that are ready to eat at the moment, and I’ve put a few in. I’ll be planting a few extra things to contribute if this goes long term, although it looks increasingly likely that we might be told the site is going to have to close completely. I hope not as I think this will mean a lot of plot holders will give up.

My social media abstinence is due to come to an end this week as the period of Lent ends. It’s been an interesting time to try and do something like this given everything that’s going on, but also I think it’s been a blessing and a firm means to reducing anxiety. I’m not going back completely the way it was before, but will probably return to Instagram and to a lesser extent Twitter, but I think I’ll mostly be ignoring Facebook going forward. For now I won’t be deleting any accounts just letting them lie dormant where I’m not using them.

Well that’s about it for this week. Take care and stay safe!

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    1. It’s a nice idea, but may not work as ideally I need to share my screen in some way and cater for around 50 people. Then again this is about reinventing and one of my talks is a garden quiz, so a pub would work just as well for that!

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